How do you wrap the cover of a book or diary?


I'm here to tell you that I have a great way to recreate the cover of a book or diary because it's beautifully packaged, looks very eco-friendly and practical, and keeps it neat. It also makes reading or journaling a pleasure in your free time. Happy good mood! People often go to bookstores to read certain books A5 PU leather notebook suppliers and then maybe buy some home. You probably already know that in the process of buying a book, you usually see a nice poster or two or a lot of calendar cards, something like little paper cards or even a pile of newspapers lying around somewhere. The house!

But actually, if you use these large and small posters to wrap the cover of a book or diary, keep the following methods in mind: Materials: Large and small posters (or newspapers), books (or diaries), stapler (or double-sided tape, scotch tape, solid glue sticks), pencil, ruler, scissors How to operate: (1) Take out a poster, fold it in half, then put all the books in the folded paper (note: middle crease) the line of the paper should be aligned with the thickness of the book, the three sides of the paper should be aligned), then fold it in half according to the size of the book, and then place the book A5 PU leather notebook supplier on the other hand. (2) Open the folded poster again and restore the original size of the paper. Aren't the two parts of the paper already folded? Then, using a pencil and ruler, make two long and two short marks in the middle of the blank space on the back of the poster. (3) Use scissors to cut out two small lines similar to rectangles or squares at the upper and lower ends (note: do not cut off all the shape pieces at the upper and lower ends of the folding, just cut a little). After cutting, fold up and down, and the shape of the small fork will always stand out in the middle. (4) In the same way, place all the books on completely folded paper, aligned! Then, fold all traces of the front and back sides onto the first page of the book, and secure it with a stapler (or double-sided tape, scotch tape, or solid glue stick) to prevent the wrapping paper from being damaged.

Crooked, you've finished packing! Finally, be sure to write the title on the thickness of the book so as not to confuse what book you are taking from the bookcase. If you want to use newspapers with illustrations and text to wrap a book or diary, do the same as above! When wrapped this way, you will find the cover of your book or diary beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly, and keep it neat and organized in the bookcase. This method is very simple, give it a try!

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