What's the difference between a laptop cover


Commonly used notebook cover materials are as follows:

1, the commonly used leather on the market are real leather, ordinary PU and PU chameleon. The price and quality only go from high to low. The nature of leather does not lend itself to complex patterns. Can print some simple patterns, such as logo, the name of the institution, you can choose the appropriate leather according to your needs; A5 PU leather notebook supplier

2. Followed by PP and PVC, this material makes notepad very fashionable because of its characteristics; Because it is plastic material, the pattern is difficult to add a little, but make transparent, will use color pages to foil, the most important thing is that the plasticity of plastic is higher than other materials;

3. This book has the most paper products. Of course, the cover can also use cardboard. There are white cards and black cards. As a paper material, pattern printing is very free. Generally, as long as the design is good, you can print on it. Because white card paper is white, it supports printing of all colors, while black card paper is less obvious because it is a black background color, which can be selected according to the actual situation;

4. Kraft paper is special, cover and inner pages can be used, depending on the thickness. The color of kraft paper is yellow, so that the color system is limited. It features a brown paper form that runs through the book, which is both classical and historical, so you can choose this individualistic type.

5. The largest type of book is hard copy, with a special paper cover. There are many kinds of hard copy, ordinary printing can not be achieved, with special paper can be achieved. The largest of these is coated paper, a fictional pattern that can be printed at will or even wrapped in linen to make books unique; The disadvantage is that the book doesn't have a good leather cover.

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