China Stationery Commodity Fair Tour Will Be Held in Fujian


China News Service Fuzhou, November 8 (Reporter Zhang Jianzhong) The Fuzhou municipal government announced Tuesday that the Chinese Cultural Goods Fair, sponsored by the China Department Store Commercial Association and the Fuzhou municipal government, will be held in Fuzhou from January 27 to 29 with the special support of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.


According to the China Association of General Merchandise and Commerce, the China Cultural Goods Fair is the largest stationery fair in Asia with the longest history, the largest number of buyers and the best deals. From this year, the spring exhibition will be held in Shanghai, and the autumn exhibition will be set up in Fuzhou.


More than 300 companies from the Chinese mainland, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition, which covers an area of nearly 15,000 square meters, according to the Fuzhou municipal government. In addition to well-known domestic stationery manufacturers, Apple computer, Patriot tablet computer and other well-known IT brands, as well as Li Ning sports apparel, Hongxing Erke, Xtep, 361 Degrees and other famous sporting goods manufacturers were present.


According to the introduction, the fair focuses on communicating with buyers, not only attracting buyers from wholesale, chain stores, shops, exclusive stores and government departments and other different sales channels, but also through the professional database with more than 30,000 buyers at home and abroad to maintain direct contact.


Industry insiders said that Fujian and neighboring Zhejiang and Guangdong, the pilot zone of China's reform and opening up, have formed the main producing area of Chinese cultural supplies in the long-term distribution activities. This fair is jointly established with Shantou Stationery Association, Ningbo Stationery Industry Association and Wenzhou Pen Making Association, showing the highest level of Chinese cultural supplies industry.


In recent years, with the completion of Fu-Yin, Shenzhou-Hai expressway and Wen-fu high-speed railway, the communication between Fuzhou and coastal cities and central inland cities is becoming more and more rapid. The transportation system extends in all directions and spreads to the whole country, creating good conditions for promoting industrial linkage between regions.


It is reported that the first Stan Fei Cross-Straits Musical Instrument Exhibition will be held at the same time during the exhibition, in order to strengthen the exchanges between the cross-Straits musical instrument enterprises. (finish)

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